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External Protection Get Glowing and Healthy Skin with Pure SericinTM

Functions of Pure SericinTM

Pure SericinTM Reaches the Bowels
to Regulate Digestion.

Pure SericinTM is resistant to stomach acid, allowing it
to reach the bowels unaltered.
Microbiota, the good bacteria that compromise the gut flora,
become active after eating Pure SericinTM.
Healthy microbiota improves the immune system
and helps prevent aging of the bowels.

Microbiota Love Pure SericinTM,Immune System

Pure SericinTM Promotes Secretion
of the Longevity Hormone, Adiponectin.

Adiponectin is called the “longevity hormone” because high levels of
Adiponectin have been found in centenarians.
Adiponectin helps prevent aging of blood vessels, diabetes, high blood
pressure, hyperlipidemia,arteriosclerosis, and cancer.

Adiponectin Helps Repair Damaged Blood Vessels.

Achieve a Youthful & Resilient Body
with Pure SericinTM

Oxidation causes degradation, leading to a number of diseases and aging.
Pure SericinTM works as an anti-oxidant to prevent cell damage and
maintain a fresh and energetic body.

Effective Prevention Against Colon & Skin Cancer

Pure SericinTM is an effective partner in preventing cancer through
improvement of poor digestion,promotion of Adiponectin and
prevention of cell oxidation.

Colon Cancer Prevention,Skin Cancer Prevention
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