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External Protection Get Glowing and Healthy Skin with Pure SericinTM

Dry Skin

Pure SericinTM
Permeates Easily to Provide Moisture.

Permeation of Skin

Pure SericinTM
Is Similar to Amino Acids in NMF.


What is NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) ?

The components that keep skin moisturized are called NMF.
NMF is an abbreviation of Natural Moisturizing Factor.
This vital element is recognized for its water absorption and retention capabilities.
The main ingredients of NMF are amino acids that are also naturally found in sericin.
Sericin’s moisturizing capability was the secret behind the beautiful hands of the craftsmen.

What is NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) ?

Pure SericinTM Helps Remove Old Skin Cells
and Regulate Cellular Renewal.

Poor rate of skin cell turnover, the cycle of cellular renewal,
is a factor in many common skin problems.
Pure SericinTM activates the enzymes
that cut old skin cells to promote turnover.


Activates Enzymes That Cut Old Skin Cells

Skin turnover is the natural cycle of cellular renewal to remove and replace old skin cells.
Skin turnover rate slows with aging and dry skin. Our research showed that Pure SericinTM helped
activate the enzymes that remove old skin cells,keratinocytes, and improve skin turnover.No other
moisturizing product offers the unique function that Pure SericinTM provides.

Activates Enzymes That Cut Old Skin Cells

Pure SericinTM Prevents Age spots.

Pure SericinTM suppresses oxidation and blocks generation of melanin,
the main causes of age spots.

Pure SericinTM Supports the Recovery of Skin
Damaged by UV Rays.

Maintains & Activates Skin Cells

Reducing UV Damage

The damage caused by UV rays usually leads to
cell death. Tests show that skin cells grown in a
Pure SericinTM medium avoided cell death and continued
cellular regeneration.

Skin Cells After UV Exposure

Improved Generation of Collagen

Skin cells grown with Pure SericinTM medium
showed an increase in collagen.
Pure SericinTM works to improve the foundation of
healthy skins.

Improved Generation of Collagen

Pure SericinTM Repairs Damaged Hair,
Giving Bounce & Strength

The picture below shows hair damaged by UV rays and dry air.
The surface of damaged hair peels and cracks,allowing internal
proteins to leak out.
Pure SericinTM is absorbed into the surface to repair damage and
prevent leakage.

Restoring Damaged Hair